Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Call for support

How many promises made by politicians of yore still remain mere promises? These same people, though not the ones who were incumbent when such promises were made, have begun their tirade of criticism at the Indian cricket team’s dismal performance in the series opener against South Africa. When such people, who have themselves failed at keeping many of their assurances, begin their thrashing of the Indian cricket team, its coach and its captain, their criticism lacks credibility.

Every time the team makes a visit abroad, especially to places known for their quick and bouncy pitches, their return is marked by requests by the captain for the preparation of similar wickets at home. The youngsters playing domestic cricket, if given opportunities to play on such wickets, are better prepared for foreign tours, they say. This furore after the team’s arrival from a foreign tour vanishes with a home win that normally succeeds such a disastrous series. The bickering pops up again after a series away from the subcontinent.

By how much have these requests made by various captains been met? These lawmakers, who have these decisions at their discretion, haven’t done much on these lines. Even if they have, it will take some time before these initiatives bear fruit. Till then they do not have the right to criticize the team. They should remember that just like how team India shoulders the responsibility of satisfying the wishes of cricket fans, these elected representatives shoulder the responsibility of meeting the requests made by the people who elect them. So much is expected from the Indian team every time they play. Similarly, so much is expected from the elected representatives every time they come into power. It should be realized that even these politicians haven’t reached up to the peoples’ expectations many a time and they have constantly failed in some endeavours.

Being an ardent cricket fan myself, I felt disheartened at the team’s poor show in the game. But then, the scene created by a large number of parliamentarians, some coming on live TV shows trying to display their sadness and displeasure can in no way be justified. As the team captain has said ‘I don't think its criticism which motivates cricketers into doing well’, this is the time the team needs our support. They need Indians to urge them on to do better in the remaining games and not pull them down further.