Thursday, August 30, 2007


More than happiness,
I beseech thee, O lord,
To give every living being
The strength to bear all loss.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Only if I were

I thought of taking the easier way
to your heart.
Things that make you special to me;
These I try to express in words.

My mind’s busy thinking
about everything you do.
Everything that touches my heart,
Coming right from yours.

I try to play with words,
I try to rhyme,
I try to write one poem,
But can’t manage even one line.

If only I were a poet.

The star

I am watching the star studded sky,
With the wet grass beneath me.
I am taken to a different world,
Far away from the cobwebs in my life.
I look at the brightest one up there,
Selflessly illuminating the dark sky,
And sense its presence just like yours.
I reflect upon these thoughts,
And recognize that you’d be the brightest
in my sky, even if you are
one of the stars further away from home.


In a dream last night, I saw you
trying to allay the fear in my mind..
What you said helped dispel some of
the pain, though I knew reality
had a harsh take.
I wouldn’t relish seeing you in this peaceful state,
draped in immaculate white.
My memory rich with the fun and life in you.
Let my memory remain thus.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friendship day !

Before I begin with anything I would like to wish all of my friends (don't know how many of them would be reading this) a happy friendship day. I never used to believe in observing such days -like this one, and some others. I used to feel that there shouldn't be just a day to celebrate friendship or any other relationship for that matter . I don't know why I am wishing you people today!!! I didn't even know it was the friendship day until I received some messages from my friends wishing me. Then I thought that this should be the day I use to wish someone / some people whom I hadn't been in touch with. It is not that I thought about them only today. I sent them a one liner wishing them - I'm sure many of them were taken by surprise - "one day from no where this guy pops up and wishes" (they might be thinking)!!! Then again I fall back into my old ways, of seemingly busy days (as people have said earlier the if the will's there anything's possible - now where's my will? - which will?).I just realized something - I shouldn't think too much !!!!