Monday, October 01, 2007

The rationale II

I have not been able to do what I love,
I have not felt like penning down thoughts.
Am I lacking thoughts? Have I lost feelings?

Things do not seem to catch my attention any more.
It is like having a cocooned mind and heart,
Unable to see outside the well that is I.

Some ask me whether it is inflicted hurt
that has made me thus; I say no.
The same people used to tell that what I write
showed an element of longing and pain.
The fact that I am not writing today
may be because I have overcome this longing.

I believe in self – talk and I hope
repeating the last line aids me really overcome it.

Expectation II

It has been some time since
I enjoyed my walk to work,
With greenery all around,
I could not ask for more.
Today, has it gone to oblivion?

Work seemed like work.
What had been fun for so long,
turned loathsome today.

My perception has changed perhaps.
I do not know what has caused this.
Could be the work of expectation.