Saturday, November 24, 2007

The reel

A reel of moments we had shared
was unwinding in the peacefulness
of my mind.
I relived the times when I
did not do what my heart told.
I lived through the times again,
when things you did justified my decision.
I saw flashes of how better it could have been.
I open my eyes, with a prayer of hope.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Time II

The news was the harbinger of guilt.
I always felt something
Slipping down my closed palm.
What it was I did not know.
Its value, I did not realize.

The sudden fall opened my senses to the feeling,
What I had hid so well,
to the point of suppression.
And all it took was this news,
to bring out a vortex of emotions.

I cannot explain what I am feeling.
And I know there is no point trying;
No one would understand.
It is time to be more honest to myself.
And tell what needs to be told,
And show what needs to be shown.
It’s time to make amends;
It’s time to remove the mask I have worn.